Apr. 11th, 2017

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Today's Gousto meal was Dal with portaloo mushrooms and something that was CLAIMED to be chutney but was not like a pickle-y jam type thing so I SUPPOSE I don't know what chutney is now. It was quite nice. In fact the hardest thing was opening a lentil can, both of their can ringpulls came off without the lid.

I had to grill the mushrooms but I do not have a reasonable grill. I couldn't use the George Foreman because it would have squished the mushrooms. If I do out the kitchen this year then one thing is to get a proper grill like what I had at Park Cres.

Anyway that is my four meals from the first box. I think I will get another box but maybe not after that because they are expensive. Unless YOU would like a discount code. I mean I have obviously sold you on the idea by being so whelmed.

All four meals had generous portions, they were all for TWO PERSONS but they could have squeezed to a third I reckon. I wish they did boxes for SPINSTERS OF THE PARISH, i.e. one person, then I would get their boxes forever.

Yooka-Laylee arrives tomorrow. Possibly I also go to B&Q for some things. I did a bit of electrical repair today and as usual did not die. I hope I don't get too blase about not dying from electricity, pride goeth before a FALL.


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