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Today's Gousto food thingy was CRAB CURRY! It was fine, though the crab meat was rather overpowered by the curry. Aside from the crab part it tasted very similar to katsu curry so if I ever fancied making that from scratch I could adapt the recipe. It was a little fiddly to make, but that is partly because it told me to remove the stems from some coriander and I THOUGHT it meant throw away the stems but NO, so I had to fish them back out of the pile of shallot and garlic skin. Other than that it was HITCHLESS. I had to add Nigella seeds to the salad which was useful because I always wondered how she reproduced.

DOCTOR WHO was slow and generic and its multi-culti Benetton ad of urchins was very silly. Also they set it during the Regency period (presumably when the last frost fair was?) but everything about it was Victorian. And there was this very awkward bit where they suddenly went HERE IS TEN SECONDS OF HISTORICALLY-ACCURATE RACISM, STOP COMPLAINING OK. I am not feeling this season. Three duds in a row for me.

Sense8 is back next week wooo! Early reviews seem positive but I don't even care I just want FREEMA and JAMIECLAYTZ and THE SPANISH ONE and TUPPENCE and THE OTHER ONES. Also Sylvester is in this season, he is the OLD MAN OF HOY I think. I should rewatch the crimbly spesh before it starts, all I remember is they all shagged again, which is hardly going out on a limb memory wise. It was two hours long, they must have done more than bone on the astral plane. Oh wait, Lito came out to his mum and Will did tons of heroin. Yeah.
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