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Henderson's Relish has always been known, by Sheffielders, as "'Endersons", or simply as "Relish". However, in recent years, it has been claimed that it is also known as "Hendo's" in the city. However, the addition of an 'o' to words in this way is something more commonly associated with speech patterns in the North-West of England, rather than Yorkshire, and "Hendo's" is not a traditional name for Henderson's Relish. The issue has been much discussed on local websites.

That is an actual quote from the wikipee website, about HENDERSON'S RELISH, which I just put in my final Gousto meal of this batch, which is a sort of vegan bolognese. It was fine. It perhaps needed more tomatoes or something.

I am getting another box in a couple of weeks, I have already chosen my meals one of which is a giant meatball with cheese inside, and another of which is CHICKEN KATSU CURRY, the greatest meal of all time. So look forward to that.

I put up my fourth Venetian blind of the year and fifth overall today. It wasn't hard except just how much plaster do people put on walls? I expected to drill through about half a cm of plaster and then go through masonry, but four out of my six screw holes were about two - three cm of plaster. It appears I do not really understand plaster. Anyway, it should stay up as I won't be messing with it much, it isn't a window I routinely use for external vision.

Date: 2017-05-03 05:16 pm (UTC)
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I can never remember whether katsu curry is something that I think I like but turn out not to, or something I think I am meh about but turn out to really like when I have it.


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