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I did another four Gousto meals:

Chinese Chicken Chow Mein

This is your bog standard stir-fry really, but it was nice enough. It was quite relaxing after previous meals to not have to do anything too weird. For some reason it is listed as a British dish, perhaps it is one of those like Tikka Masala that was first made over here by immigrants. COMING OVER HERE, MAKING TASTY FOOD

Barbecue Pork Steaks

I'm not a huge fan of pork-chop type cuts and this hasn't really converted me, though it was fine. Adding oven baked potato slices and salad to the pork meant that the whole thing was a bit dry and needed some kind of gravy style juice. I probably wouldn't make it again but might adapt the potato idea for something else.

Cheesy Pasta and Ragu Pie

This is AS GODS. Eating was invented for this meal. It is like a fake lasagna that's pretending to be a cottage pie. I could eat it every meal, which was handy because as usual potion sizes were crazy - this recipe for two could have fed three easily, four at a pinch. I particularly liked the addition of dijon mustard to the bechamel sauce which gave it that extra boost. This is perhaps the only Gousto meal I have made that I will DEFINITELY make again. I do have a complaint, though, that it required a larger than average quantity of "store-cupboard" style ingredients including all the milk I had in the house. Also the recipe tells you to preheat the oven a good fifteen - twenty minutes before it's needed which I find a bit wasteful. Otherwise, though, AS GODS.

Miso and Sesame Ramen

Portions were also crazy here too, though this is easily solved by omitting the aubergine (bleeugh) and the Portillo mushrooms (less bleeugh, but unfortunately a day or so past their best), which would be easy as they are cooked separately and added at the end. Everything else was fine, and I like Pak choi which I have never used before. I also put something called a "whole star anise" in, which is either an ingredient or a missing Tori Amos album.
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