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Firstly, today I made Waldorf Salad, the first of my latest Gousto box. It was absolutely gorgeous. Yes, I only ordered it because of Fawlty Towers, but still. Fruity, crunchy, with lemon juice to take the edge off the sweetness. I regret that I have but the one stomach.

Doctor Who series ten finished today:

So at least half of that episode was a Moff greatest hits package consisting of the last two season finales plus a big dollop of Time of the Doctor. I was pleased Bill was not gay-buried even if the Deus Ex Petroleum ending was kinda random. Also I think this is the first time two ladies have kissed on this show without there being an excuse, which is surprising given that pretty much all Moff's women are queer (not that I'm complaining, you understand).

I didn't care for the Doc borrowing other Doctor's lines and/or poses. I also feel like this could have been the Christmas episode, I don't see how they can drag the regeneration out for another hour plus. Yes End of Time was drawn out, but only over a week or so. I don't really understand why the Doctor was regenerating a bit before the big explosion etc. It was all a bit muddled. Like were they from Mondas or not? The Doctor was all like "yeah there are lots of Cyberman origin stories, sorry" and it was implied a couple of times that people would recognise Simm as Saxon (not just Bill). I do wonder if the whole "Mondas" thing was tacked on just so Capaldi could get to say "Mondasian Cybermen". (Also Telos is their adopted homeworld, I don't think it's ever been explicitly stated before that they had one of their many origins there. I could be wrong though.) ALSO I didn't care for only using flashbacks to new series companions. Either just do current incarnation ones (like with Logopolis or Androzani) or do them all, or don't do any. For a storyline so steeped in classic Who lore it just seems like an odd decision. Perhaps another thing that was tacked on very late in the day? Anyway, doing the flashback thing is just going to make the regen seem even more dragged out. Logopolis and Androzani both did their flashbacks right before the new chap showed up. We've got half a year to wait!

Another thing that I found muddled was the whole Master / Missy thing. I don't know if it quite tracked how much Missy remembered, and given Time Crash I thought Moff would have at least alluded to Blinovich even if he didn't do a whole thing about it. I don't like the implication that Missy is the one incarnation with fee-fees because she's a girl. Yes, I know Simm says that, and the Doctor has man-fee-fees but still, it's an example of why I'm glad Moff won't create the first female Doctor. Michelle Gomez was great though, and while I don't care for Simm's Master there were definitely a couple of little moments where I could see how he might have worked.

Anyway, Nardole came and went without any actual character as far as I can tell. Matt Lucas was actually really good for the most part, he's a better serious actor than he's often given credit for, but I would still have liked some consistency or background or you know, writer things. (And we still don't know what sent the TARDIS back from Mars that one time.)

Now then, David Bradley as One, which was very pretty heavily leaked, mainly by Bradley himself going "yes I'm currently doing a thing with Peter Capaldi in Cardiff" like that was inscrutable. Now it's worth stating that biopics don't rely on actors resembling the famous people they're playing, because David Frost, Kenneth Williams, Tony Blair and that Damned United guy are not particularly similar looking. But playing the actual character, especially when we've seen the original's face on screen within the past few years, is a different matter. That aside, I will ask, at this point: is it definitely set circa Tenth Planet? The combo of snow, Mondasian Cybes and "Hartnell" would suggest so, but what's the actual connection that took Twelve to the South Pole at that point? It doesn't seem to be anything to do with the Cybes after all. I'm wondering if, in fact, it's set pre-An Unearthly Child instead. I mainly think this because Capaldi has said that he thinks the Doctor should meet Susan again; if it's set circa Tenth Planet that won't happen, but if it's pre-AUC it could.

So yeh. Watchable enough and not as OTT as some finales, but the Christmas one is going to have to be spectacular for it to be worth waiting this long for the damn regeneration to finish already.
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